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What is MLG?

MajorLeague Girls was created with the sole purpose of telling the stories of women and girls in sports who are paving the way for future generations, and using their platforms to create a lasting change.

Our mantra is #TheFutureofSportsisGirls. So the mission is simple: MajorLeague Girls aims to empower girls and women to live passionately on and off the field


Why Major League Girls Needs to Exist: 


MajorLeague Girls aims to fill the gap that other sports websites have yet to address: to build sports content for girls. MLG's mission is to be more than just a media brand, but a full on lifestyle website that forge partnerships with brands with a vested interest in empowering girls. 

MLG will donate 5% of its proceeds to the Women's Sports Foundation



Anya Alvarez

is a former professional golfer on the LPGA, who turned her love for writing and sports into a sports journalism career. Her writing focuses on covering women in sports, highlighting their greatest achievements on and off the field. With features in various outlets such as ESPN, VICE, Rolling Stone, and Salon, and Playboy Magazine, and a produced podcast with NPR's Only A Game, Anya has made it her mission to amplify the voices of women in sport. While she's reached a large audience, Anya realized the key audience she wanted to reach wasn't reading her content: so, she created MajorLeague Girls, a portal of untold women's sports stories, with a focus of the content geared towards young girls who love sports. She hopes this website inspires young girls to follow continue nurturing their passion in sports, whether it's playing, spectating, or wanting to coach or own a team one day. Outside of sports, if you don't find Anya at her laptop typing or on the golf course,  you'll most likely catch her shopping and adding to her shoe collection or taking selfies with her dogs.