Girls are the Future of Football

Unless you are a Patriots fan, this year’s Superbowl could have been a bit more exciting, but while the game may have been nothing to write home about there were some especially stand out Superbowl advertisements. Following the cue of the NFL’s “We Ready” playoff commercial, which featured several girls and women participating in football, a handful of commercials during the big game showed their support for women and girls in football.

Video Credit - Toyota USA

Toyota featured Toni Harris, a woman football player who is one of few women to ever receive a college football scholarship. In the commercial, Harris shakes off stereotypes and displays her strengths, cementing herself in the world of football. Harris’ dream is to be the first woman to play in the NFL and while she says it’s hard, she encourages girls to never give up their dreams.

The NFL’s commercial celebrating their 100 years represented the future of football by including Sam Gordon, 15, who has gained attention for her skills in tackle football since she was nine. Gordon is involved with the Utah Girls Tackle Football League and has advocated for other girl’s leagues around the country. Seeking the institution of girls tackle football in high schools, she has also filed law suits against schools on the grounds of Title IX. In addition, the commercial featured a cameo from Sarah Thomas, the NFL’s first female official.

CBS itself included a nod to girls in football with their commercial in partnership with Girl’s Inc., which portrayed a team of young girls playing football against men and a voice over lauding the benefits and power of young girl’s participating in sport.

It is great to see this increased investment in girl’s football, and we hope to see the NFL and its sponsors continue to help grow the game!

Anya Alvarez