We Believe in SheBelieves

This year is an exciting one for women’s soccer and the FIFA Women’s World Cup feels like it’s just around the corner, but there’s plenty of women’s soccer to be excited about before June comes around! From Feburary 27th to March 5th, the US Women’s National Team (USWNT), as well as the national teams from Japan, Brazil, and England will be playing in the SheBelieves Cup, a series of game’s held in the United States with the aim of providing more opportunities to watch top tier international women’s soccer.  

The SheBelieves Cup is a part of the USWNT’s SheBelieves campaign that was conceived and developed by the players on the team to not only promote the sport, but to encourage all girls and women to follow their dreams both within and outside of athletics. Originally launched as a hashtag before the last world cup in 2015, the campaign actively works to challenge the influence of outdated gender norms and stereotypes through providing role models for girls by showcasing the team’s athletes and other women who are leaders and advocates in their fields, sharing messages of hope, hard work, and success.

US v. Japan  Image Credit - Elsa/Getty Images

US v. Japan

Image Credit - Elsa/Getty Images

The SheBelieves campaign has several components, all aimed at helping girls believe in becoming the best of the best by embodying ideals of leadership, learning, and growth. The SheBelieves Summit brings together college students and top woman professionals from a range of fields through a series of talks and the SheBelieves Internship program provides college women opportunities to advance in their fields and a community of strong women to support them. For girls between the ages of 13-17, the SheBelieves Hero contest honors those who are passionate leaders in their communities by inviting them to a tournament game. The SheBelieves Cup is especially vital in their efforts because it provides a platform for one of the most successful and popular women’s professional teams in the country, and some of their top competitors, allowing more women and girls a chance to see their role models in action and see their dreams are possible and supported by a strong community represented in the fan base of the USWNT.

England v. Brazil Image Credit - Rob Simmons/Philly Soccer Page

England v. Brazil
Image Credit - Rob Simmons/Philly Soccer Page

The US has won two of the past three SheBelieves Cups, taking home the trophy in 2016 and 2018, with France taking the tournament in 2017. The competition this year features a different bracket of teams than previous years, with teams from Japan and Brazil replacing those of France and Germany. The top-notch competition between the teams (all ranked within the global top-ten) has already proved to be exciting through a 2-2 tie between Japan and the US, and a 2-1 win for England against Brazil.

You can help support the SheBelieves initiative by using the #SheBelieves hashtag to celebrate the USWNT as well as your own stories of success!

Anya Alvarez