Chloe Elliott - "I Love How Strong Sports Make Me Feel."

I love weight lifting so much, and I get judged for how buff I am. But I know it’s benefiting me, so I can’t quit.
— Chloe Elliott

This week’s Major League Girl of the Week is Chloe Elliott, a 17 year-old senior at Cambridge High School in Ohio.

Chloe Elliott, after a dance competition 

Chloe Elliott, after a dance competition 

Age started playing sports: 5 years-old

Sports played: soccer, cheer, dance, and track and field

Her favorite sport: Pole Vaulting

Personal Record: Cleared 10ft this past summer - holds record at her school


Favorite athlete: American pole vaulter and Olympian, Sandi Morris

Sandi Morris at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio

Sandi Morris at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio

Favorite drill: Sand Drills -- I love doing sand drills. You get in the long jump pit and you hold really low on the pole, just focusing on swinging up and getting upside down. And then you turn and land in the sand. It gives you more time in the air because you're going from ground level to a mat. You're staying on ground level the whole time.

Dream College: Shawnee State University - where she hopes to compete in track and field

Dream Occupation: Physical Therapy Assistant 

What has she learned through playing sports? I definitely think it has helped me mature because you have to be truthful in how many reps you do in practice, because if you’re not, you're not benefiting yourself. You're hurting yourself if you cheat yourself during practice.  You also have to have organizational skills to play sports, like showing up on time, or having all the appropriate clothing for practice, like having a hair tie. Oh my gosh, I can't tell you how many times I forgotten to bring a hair tie.

Chloe Elliott, with her team

Chloe Elliott, with her team

Advice to girls afraid to try sports: Don’t be afraid - If you fail try again and if you fail try again. Never give up on any sports. The are plenty of times any of times where I thought I was making a fool of myself. But you just have to keep pushing. Your time will definitely come if keep working hard. And if you really love the sport, please keep trying, because it will get you somewhere in the long run!

What makes someone a Major League Girl? They don't let anybody on the outside influence what they do, coming down to sports. They're strong. They're definitely independent. I would define it as someone who is confident in themselves and someone who doesn't give up. They rock what they do and who they are.  I just think girls in sports are just amazing!


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