Major League Girls - Not for the Naysayers

Major League Girls is Finding Its Purpose

Why MLG founder, Anya Alvarez, is done trying to convince people that women's sports matters

“Women’s sports are boring to watch.”

“Nobody cares about women’s sports.”

“Women’s sports aren’t as exciting as men because they’re not as fast or strong.”

“If there was a demand to watch women’s sports, then it would be covered more on TV.”

As someone who works in the space of advocating for more coverage of women’s sports, these are statements I hear on a continual basis. Most of the time it feels like someone is copying and pasting the same tired response that there’s no interest in women’s sports, and that there isn’t an audience.

And my response always is: Well, what about the 20 million plus girls who play sports in the United States?

It’s easy to make the assumption that there isn’t an interest in women’s sports because we don’t see it on TV. In fact, less than 5 percent of sports media coverage is dedicated to covering women’s sports. I could also go into all the why’s such as that 90 percent of sports editors are men, or that since the beginning of time women have been denied access to sports, therefore limiting their ability to participate, or that because women’s sports are hardly ever showcased it never gives people the opportunity to build a relationship with women’s sports.

But for most people who already have an inherent bias about women’s sports, no matter what counterpoint they’re served with, they will stand by their belief that women’s sports are not worthy of coverage.

I have personally spent a lot of energy trying to convince people that women’s sports are worthy. And it recently dawned on me, “Why am I draining myself trying to win a debate where no one wins (even though in my mind I’ve won)”?

When I started conceptualizing Major League Girls and the void it could fill for the lack of sports content about women and girls, the dream was not to make it my mission to convince people that women’s sports can be exciting and fun to watch.

The vision was to instead empower girls by giving them access to stories about women and other girls who play sports. The cause effect of this would hopefully make girls feel valued in the space of sports by giving them the chance to tell their own stories about how sports have impacted their lives, and to make them aware of other girl and women athletes whom they could draw inspiration from.

This website is for the girls who love and play sports.

From Kate Parkers,   Strong Is the New Pretty    --   which you can buy here !

From Kate Parkers, Strong Is the New Pretty -- which you can buy here!

This website is also for the girls who may have thought about playing sports but just need a little extra motivation to put on a pair of soccer cleats or basketball shorts to put themselves in the game.

Major League Girls is not for the naysayers who think that girls don’t want access to sports content that showcases that women athletes are badass and fierce. But if this website ends up changing a few minds, then great. They’re welcome to the party.

But for now, the small team at Major League Girls is going to direct their energy into creating meaningful content that inspires the girls who come to the site. They're going to make sure that these girls know their stories are valued, and that there are others who who look like them who play sports.

Major League Girls will continue pushing to inspire girls to live passionately on and off the field. As a result of all this, we will showcase, that yes, #TheFutureofSportsisGirls




Anya Alvarez