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We’ve got this fog machine in the clubhouse, and it’s pretty much the greatest thing ever.

When we get a big win in front of our fans at Minute Maid Park, it’s the best feeling in the world for us because everyone on the team knows what’s coming next.

We shut off all the lights, and get some music going, and then….

It’s fog-machine time!

We’ll hit the button on that thing and turn on these club lights we got, and then all of a sudden you look around and see the pitchers are all dancing, and the position players are going nuts.

It gets loud in there. It’s mostly hip-hop, and Latin music, and reggaeton, but we throw some country in there, too. I’m always requesting Kendrick Lamar, but there’s lots of Migos and Daddy Yankee and Ozuna. It’s a good mix.

Fog Machine might just be the team MVP.

And people don’t hold back. No one is judging you or looking to see if you dance right. It’s just a big party.

Here’s how I would describe it: Just imagine a nightclub, but without the drinks. (Well, I mean, there are drinks. You can still get something to drink. But it’s just Gatorade and water.) And at this club you actually like everyone in there. Everyone is one of your friends.

We all love those fog machine nights. They’ve brought us closer together as a team, and they’ve been a big part of why this season has been the most fun I’ve ever had playing baseball.

Sure, Altuve should be named the league’s Most Valuable Player, but Fog Machine might just be the team MVP.

Anya Alvarez